Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Bottle House

Mike (left), Sally and Jon at The Bottle House at Knott's Berry Farm's Ghost Town.

Our parents took us kids on great outings. Cordelia found this wonderful photo (top) of Mike and Sally, as well as of our brother Jon (Cordelia and I weren't born yet), standing with an Indian trader, in costume, in front of The Bottle House on Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California.

Coincidentally, we knew, as children, that the co-founder of Knott's Berry Farm was named Cordelia, because it was such an unusual name. (Cordelia--named after our paternal grandmother--recently wrote on her blog about her name.)

I found a history of The Bottle House online and a vintage photo (above).

The Bottle House, according to the Knott site, was built from more than 3,000 empty wine and whiskey bottles turned inward, so the bottles wouldn't whistle in the wind. When the light hits the glass angled toward the interior, it shines colored light. The building was found in a deserted California mining town and relocated to Knott's Berry Farm's Ghost Town.

Our sister Sally enjoyed and collected antiques, so a photo of her standing in front of a frontier building is special. She looked pleased to be there.


Greg said...

A bottle house is at Calico Ghost Town near Barstow...Mr. Knott opened that town before Buena Park. I have a ranch nearby in Newberry Springs and love to visit it in the winter...

Cathy Scott said...

I knew there was a Calico connection to the Knotts but didn't know the specifics. Thanks for the details. Each time I drive from Las Vegas to San Diego or L.A., I pass the Calico exit. One of these days I'll have to take the off ramp and see it for myself.