Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Vintage Photos

Mike and Mother (who's pregnant with Sally) in Minnesota
By Cathy Scott

My big brother Mike has the spotlight today in most of these photos.

One of the pics is of our Mom and Michael, taken while Mother was pregnant with Sally (she was 13 months younger than Mike), in North Pines, Minnesota. Mother's holding a smiling Mike while in front of the Daisy Mae and Lil' Abner cabins on Lake Superior. Quite a vintage photograph!
Mike with Dad
And, of course, all the pictures of Mike and Sally as toddlers are nothing short of precious.

But the one of Mike learning to walk with our Dad is a special moment in time. Father and son made for a handsome pair.

It's been a healing process, posting photos of my big sister Sally, who passed away in November. Most of the photos we've been posting have been stuck in family albums for years and are now just seeing the light of day.
Sally and Mike, with a ball, at a park with Mother
This photo of Mike (below) -- always smiling -- and Sally on the lawn with our Mom was taken when Sally was 1 year old and Michael was 2. And check out the the David Archuleta-looking 'do Mike is sporting.
Mike, Mother and Sally
Many of the photos -- but not all -- were included in albums that Cordelia and Sally painstakingly put together -- customizing them for all five of us siblings -- and gave them to us as Christmas gifts some years ago. Posting these photos has been a shot back in time, for sure, and a therapeutic one.

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Sienna said...

i find your blog have many old pics.nice memory.love your family.im from hollister uk