Monday, November 29, 2010

Remembering our Sister Sally With Fun Family Photos

Sally & Nosey
By Cathy Scott

Cordelia has been going through our family albums, scanning pics, and has come across some incredible--and cute--photos, including one of Sally with Nosey, our family dog (left), at our back door.

And there's one of a very young Mike and Sally with our Mom and neighborhood kids.

Sally, 2 years old, posing for the camera
Really precious is this photo of Sally standing, with a big bow in her hair and a great smile on her face, in the family front yard. (And don't forget to check out the vintage car in the background in a nearby driveway.) Not to mention one of Sally with a wicker doll stroller.

Sally pushing a doll stroller
Then, there's a photograph of Sally, Cordelia, me and Mike with Mike's soapbox car. He was quite the soapbox builder and racer, and our Dad helped him build it. Mike was generous and took all of us for rides.

And there's a precious pic of Mike and Sally sitting on a zebra-striped burro (or is that a donkey?)  with our parents in Tijuana, during safer times.

But one of my favorite photo is us five kids on a porch laughing and having fun. Enjoy!
Cathy & Cordelia (front), Mike, Jon & Sally (back)
Mike, Sally, friends and our Mom

Eileen (Mother), Sally, Mike, and Jim (Dad)

Sally, Cordelia, Cathy & Mike with his soapbox car