Saturday, December 11, 2010

Family photos - a short story

By Cathy Scott

Here are more stories to continue telling the story of the Scott kids through photos, in remembrance of our sister, Sally, who recently passed away.

Sally was a big sister, little sister, daughter, mother and grandmother. But in these photos, she's a toddler, and a happy one. The photos are pulled from our family albums (thanks to my twin sister, Cordelia, for scanning them).
Napoleon Bonaparte's famous quotation, "A picture is worth a thousand words," is so true.

In the first two photos, our Mother, Eileen, is holding Sally next to a lake in Michigan, where Sally was born. Sally was just 6 months old. The smiles on both of their faces speak volumes.
The next photo (above) was taken around the same time with Mike, Sally and our Dad, Jim Scott. It appears they were still living in Michigan at that time and hadn't yet moved back to San Diego.

And, finally, this last photo--one of my favorites--is of Sally in a child's walker, with Michael standing with one foot on it, ready to go. They're beaming from ear to ear.

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